Reprints & Citations

The American Institute for Boys and Men is committed to fostering informed public dialogue and advancing solutions on issues that impact the wellbeing of boys and men. We appreciate your interest in disseminating the ideas and findings presented in our publications.


Reprints are allowed with proper acknowledgment. When publishing, please indicate that it’s a reprint and prominently cite The American Institute for Boys and Men along with the title of the publication. We request that you provide a link to our website when possible. We’d also love to hear about it at [email protected]!


We encourage the citation of our work in your own publications, reports, or articles. When citing, please provide a full citation that includes the Institute’s name, the name of the author(s), title of the publication, publication date, and URL of the resource (if available).

Example Citation:
Author(s) Name. “Title of the Publication.” American Institute of Boys and Men. Publication Date, URL.

For any additional inquiries regarding reprints, citations, or the use of our material, please contact [email protected].