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By multiple measures, boys have fallen far behind in education

Over the last several decades, girls have overtaken boys by nearly every metric in educational outcomes. Today, boys are less prepared to start school and, at nearly every point in their K-12 school career, have lower GPAs than girls. Boys are also less likely to take advanced-placement courses and less likely to graduate high school. Women make made up the majority of students on America’s college campuses.

Girls are thriving–and that’s good news–but the data couldn’t be more clear. Something’s not working for boys.  

The percentage point gap in school readiness between boys and girls at age 5.
Boys are three times as likely as girls to be expelled.
Of those in the top decile of high school GPA are girls, whereas 2/3 in the bottom decile are boys.
The share of U.S. public school teachers who are male, down from 33% in 1980.
The percentage point gap between boys and girls receiving bachelor’s degrees.

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