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Research across five key areas.

In all our work, we aim to shape policy and public conversation about issues affecting boys and men with reliable, non-partisan research. Our research focuses on five key areas.

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Mental Health

Boys and men are increasingly lonely, and at higher risk of suicide and “deaths of despair.” We shed light on the male mental health crisis and look for urgent solutions.

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Education & Skills

By multiple measures, boys have fallen far behind in school. We study the many factors that affect boys’ educational progress and outcomes.

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Men–especially working class men –are struggling in our changing global economy. We study structural forces–including globalization but also education and skills training–that affect men in the labor market.

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Black Boys & Men

In a time where all boys and men confront new challenges in school, work, and family life, Black boys and men face particular systemic disadvantages. We pay special attention to their needs and hardships.

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Fatherhood & Family

Family life is changing, but dads matter as much as ever. We study the economic and cultural changes that are affecting boys and men at home and with their families.

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Shaping policy and public conversation with reliable, non-partisan research.

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