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Mission & Vision

The only national research organization dedicated to issues affecting boys and men.

The American Institute for Boys and Men conducts non-partisan research on issues that affect the well-being of boys and men across the United States and designs programs and policies to help them thrive.

At the American Institute for Boys and Men, we believe the challenges facing boys and men today deserve special attention.

While many men in America are thriving, millions of others are dropping out of the labor force, struggling with acute mental health challenges, and looking for their place in a changing world. Through research and policy design, we’re dedicated to the flourishing of boys and men, while emphasizing support for those navigating particular challenges, including Black boys and men and working-class boys and men.

We envision a world where all Americans are able to achieve their full potential and are celebrated–at home, at work, and in their communities–for their unique talents and contributions. Learn more here about the facts that motivate our work.


Our fast-growing team includes researchers, policy experts, and other professionals motivated by a belief that good policy relies on good research.

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